The Largest Cat In NYC Who Weighs 28 Lbs And Is Larger Than Most Bobcats


You’ve heard of the term guard dog, but have you ever looked into what a guard cat is?  This adorable creature can tell you all about it.  He’s a large cat over four feet who is big but still in great health.  To all those out there who are not cat lovers, you’ll find that this furry feline is something to fearful of.  To those who love cats, however, you’ll simply find that there is more of him to love.  Whatever your position is on this gorgeous cat, you have to admit he’s a beautiful boy who simply loves living his life as a cat.

The best part will be the fact that you can rest assured that he is larger than most bobcats, so size matters.  However, this guy is so friendly and social that it would be hard to say whether or not he would live up to his guard cat duties if it came down to it.










More info: Instagram (h/t: nypost)

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