America’s Oldest Mall Now Contains 48 Charming Low-Cost Micro-Apartments

We all know how much the landscape of retail has changed in recent years. With online shopping taking much of the business away from the high streets and malls, the need for physical shopping locations has certainly decreased.

So what happens to the former malls and shop locations that become derelict after years of use? Many will simply be replaced with more in-demand services, whilst others may just lie empty until someone can find a use for them, or sometimes they may be totally redeveloped.

This is the case for the Arcade Providence, the oldest shopping mall in all of America, and one that was also a National Historic Landmark. Northeast Collaborative Architects were at the helm of a $7 million re-development scheme that aimed to repurpose the old mall for something more worthwhile.

The final result is more than impressive, having created a blend of mixed housing units and 17 shops in the old mall. A total of 48 micro-apartments can be found, most of which are very low-cost, with some costing as little as $550 each month. There are also larger scale apartments available too, including two and three-bedroom units.

Sizes can range from 225-450 square feet, and all feature a built in bed, bathroom, kitchen (including refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and microwave) seating along with storage too. Various other amenities can be found in shared rooms like the TV and games room, laundry facilities, bike storage and a parking garage located across the street.

If this sounds like your type of place to live, there is one draw-back – there is a waiting list with around 4,000 names on it! Better add your name to that list soon!

America's Oldest Mall

America's Oldest Mall

America's Oldest Mall

America's Oldest Mall

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