Jatayu: World’s Largest Bird Sculpture

Located in Chadayamangalam in Kollam district of Kerala, India, the sculpture of Jatayu is the world’s largest bird sculpture.

Jayakrishnan V M IAS
jatayu sculpture
Art Design and Visual Culture

Its designer and sculptor is Rajiv Anchal who is also an esteemed director and screenwriter. It took Anchal 6 years to build the sculpture which is the main spectacle of Jatayu Earth’s Center Nature Park.

Largest Bird Sculpture
Jayakrishnan V M IAS

The sculpture is 61 meters long, 21 meters tall, and has a width of 46 meters.

jatayu up close
Vikram Halkarni

To reach Jatayu, visitors have to take nearly 1000 steps to get to the hilltop where the sculpture and the museum are.

jatayu during sunset

At the museum’s entrance, a plaque reads:

“Stand atop this hill for a while in contemplation
 Here is where Jatayu fell
 Trying to block with his talons and beak
 The alien gnome who seized in deceit
 The priceless pearl of a daughter…”

jatayu entrance
Sivaraj V

The plaque informs the visitors about Jatayu, the king of vultures, who is a demi-god from the Hindu epic Ramayana and how the sculpture is a representation of his myth.

jatayu from bird's eye view
Jayakrishnan V M IAS

According to the legend, the demon Ravana tries to kidnap Sita, a goddess, but Jatayu intervenes and fights Ravana.

myth of jatayu
Yande Zetia

Although Jatayu fights bravely, Ravana beats him since he is very old and weary. After beating Jatayu, Ravana cuts Jatayu’s wings and he falls to the Earth.

jatayu from above
Jayakrishnan V M IAS

The Hindus believe that the place where Jatayu fell is the town of Chadayamangalam. Therefore, the sculpture and the park were built in the same spot.

jatayu from above

The sculpture of Jatayu, the world’s largest bird sculpture, commemorates the valiant battle of Jatayu against Ravana and his resolve to save the innocent, a universal example for everyone.

jatayu sculpture uo close
jatayu sculpture from far
Renjith Ajith