Yanjin: World’s Narrowest City Stretching along a River

Built several kilometers along the Nanxi river, Yanjin county is the World’s narrowest city between the mountains of Yunnan, China. Its narrowest point is 30 m wide while it measures around 300 m wide at its widest point. There is one main road on each side of the road; however, there are not many bridges even though the river is an important part of the city.

As there is not much land suitable for construction, several buildings stand over thin pillars on the river bank. the pillars protect the houses from flooding, however, it still does not seem like the ideal place to live while there is so much suitable land in China. Due to the mountains surrounding the city and insufficient transportation infrastructure, the city is considered inaccessible by many. The infrastructure of Yanjin city also hinders its economy.

Yanjin county

Despite all its disadvantages, the city presents a breathtaking view and it has been inhabited for hundreds of years now. Today, it has roughly 450 000 residents, and most of them do not consider living anywhere else.