People Share Worst Roommates, They’re Living With A ‘Monster’ (New Pics)

21. My Wife Leaves Hair Stuck To The Shower Wall


22. How My Boyfriend Stores His Cords

23. My Wife Thinks It Is OK To Mix M&M’s With Skittles

worst roommates1rbryantjr1

24. I Thought I Was The Only One Whose Flatmates Were Growing Potato Monsters. This One Was Growing For A Year And I Discovered It The Weekend I Moved In

bad roommatesformattedlizard

25. My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, Everyone


26. My Wife’s Nightstand

worst roommatesebjazzz

27. My Wife Bought Toilet Paper For The First Time. One Ply. I Live With A Monster

worst roommatessnowfox54119

28. My Roommates Seem To Forget This Exists


29. I Live With A Monster. This Happens Every Single Time I Get Back Home After Being Away With Work For 2 Weeks


30. My Boyfriend Doesn’t Throw Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls