People Share Worst Roommates, They’re Living With A ‘Monster’ (New Pics)

11. I’m Starting A Fight With My Wife


12. My Roommate And I Own Only Two Pots. When He Cooks, He Stores The Leftovers In The Fridge In The Pots, Instead Of Putting Them In Containers

worst roommatesihaverocketlegs

13. My Side Of The Room vs. My Roommate’s Side

worst roommatesMuseDrones

14. My Wife Never Fully Screws The Lids Back Onto Anything

worst roommatesEchoJXTV

15. My Flatmate Isn’t The Biggest Fan Of Hygiene. This Festive Potato Managed To Grow In His Cupboard


16. Holiday With New Boyfriend – He Opens Bread Like This

worst roommatesPrinceWilliamsnutsack

17. My Wife Is A Monster


18. The Way My Housemate Tidied These Shoes

worst roommates


19. My Wife Likes To Put Her Food And Drinks On Electronics


20. My Roommate Leaves Her Cat’s Litter Box Scoop In Our Kitchen Sink