Worst Building Renovations Ever Made

Some building renovations go so wrong that there is no chance of even remembering the old building. Here are some of the worst building renovations ever made

The former Mappin & Webb Building in London, England

The Mappin & Webb building in 1993, which was demolished to make way for No 1 Poultry. No 1 Poultry is a building in the City of London, allocated to office and commercial use.

building renovations

Château de Rentilly in Bussy-Saint-Martin, France

building renovations

Lutheran Church in Yelets, Russia

building renovations
Szawel Sauliazauras

Møllergata 18 in Oslo, Norway

Møllergata 18
Photo: Fotospesialisten AS (1935-45) Arbeiderbevegelsens Archive

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Royal Ontario Museum
City of Toronto Archives

Neumarkt Galerie in Cologne, Germany

Neumarkt Galerie

The Neue Elbbrücke Bridge in Hamburg, Germany, was ruined in 1959 to add an additional lane

building renovations

The horrid transformation of Times Square NYC

building renovations

Penn Station in New York City was ruined in 1963

building renovations

The Singer Building, New York City, USA

The Singer Building

Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, UK

The Former Gaiety Theatre in London, UK

Rivoli Samaritaine in Paris, France

The Imperial Institute in London, UK

Stuttgart Town Hall, Germany