This incredible map shows how World War II happened day by day

Premium Documentaries has released this video, logging the day by day movement of the front lines during the Second World War.

The video marks its starting point at the German army’s invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939.

It shows the end between 4-15 May, when Germany surrendered to the Allies in Europe.

The global nature of the war meant another ‘end’ came almost six years to the day when Japan (the final Axis power still fighting) surrendered on 2 September 1945.

YouTube user ‘EmperorTigerstar‘  is the original creator of the video, and many other war maps like it.

Maroon: Axis Power members, their dependencies/colonies, and annexed lands.
Burgundy: Areas militarily occupied by the Axis Powers.
Red: Axis puppet states.
Pink: Axis gains during that day.
Blue: Allied powers and areas occupied by the allies.
Light blue: Allied gains for that day.
Purple colors (left to right): Finland, occupied by Finland, and Finnish gains that day.
Dark Green: The USSR before it joined the allies and annexed lands.
Green: Areas militarily occupied by the USSR before it joined the allies.
Light Green: Soviet gains for that day.