Artist Carved An Incredible Dragon Bench With The Aid Of A Chainsaw

If you so much love the movie ‘Game of Throne,’ or a master MMORPG player, you will definitely have affection for anything related to the dragon. You should be ready to be amazed by a German woodcarver. The woodcarver used a chainsaw to create a unique and beastly bench the world has ever seen. Would you love to sit on the bench?

At first glance, there might be a difference between art and chainsaw, but Igor Loskutow did a wonderful work by blending them together with finesse. Igor was given birth to in capital of Estonia which was then called the USSR and he currently works in Bad Dürrheim, Southern Germany, as a wood carving instructor and Husqvarna representative. Because of the creativity in his work, he has been able to receive more than dozen awards for his works; these awards include the first-place ranking at the prestigious Fasna Carving Festival which was held in Netherland in 2009.

This work which is titled ‘the stunning dragon bench’ is his recent achievement and will definitely bring him more success, and he has already earned some popularity with the work. “Sh*t looks straight out of Skyrim,” one of the users of Reddit commented that, while others were drawing GoT which were all parallels and are calling it “Targaryen-approved.” Have a look at this yourself, and let us know if you would love to have this amazing innovation in front of your lawn.

Some of his other works:

Official Website (German)