30 Times Architects Create Wonderful Buildings

Here are 30 wonderful buildings that architects did their best.

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1. Sun And Moon Pagodas In Guilin, China

wonderful buildingsoddprophet63

2. The Shambles In York, England


3. Mont Saint-Michel, France

wonderful buildingsj3ffr33d0m

4. Osaka Castle, Osaka, Japan


5. Kyoto, Japan

wonderful buildingsSunkisty

6. Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore


7. Inner Walls Of Ta Prohm Monastery. Cambodia, Khmer Empire, 12th-13th Century

wonderful buildingsMunakataSennin

8. This 50-Foot Tall Statue Of A Native American Woman In South Dakota Titled “Dignity”


9. Two 17th Century Half-Timbered Houses At Hohe Straße 18 And 19 In Quedlinburg, One Of The Best-Preserved Medieval And Renaissance Towns In Europe That Escaped Major Damage During World War II. Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

wonderful buildingsManiaforBeatles

10. Hungarian Parliament Building, Budapest