What’s Something About Women’s Clothing That Irritates You?

Clothing is an important issue and sometimes it might be a disaster too. Women’s clothing is maybe the most problematic side of fashion. A Reddit user asked ‘What’s something about clothing that irritates you?’ and here are 24 of the responses about women’s clothing..


women clothingnotme1414

No pockets or bad quality pockets.



Buttons over my prodigious breasts that never stay closed, collars on shirts, leggings that ride down, things that claim to not roll, but ALWAYS do, fussy extraneous details (stop putting button tabs on sleeves. Just no.),bras with lots of fkn lace details. Give us real, comfortable, sturdy bras, not fluff for the male gaze, Jean’s that fit you bum, but leave a 10in gap at the waist. Why?


women clothingPanthera_leo22

See through shirts. Seriously, I hate that so many shirts in women’s clothing are thin or nearly sheer. I don’t enjoy having to put a tank top under my shirts or having my bra show through.



Inconsistent sizing. Sh**ty fabric. Over-priced.


women clothingavocado_peach

Unnecessary details on women’s clothing and accessories eg awkward cut-outs, tacky looking non-functional zips and buttons, random “quirky” words on a t-shirt, ugly frills, handbag chains that look out of place… the list goes on! I just want a plain jumper, not a cropped one that has “good vibezzz” in bubble writing on it. Also… we want pockets!



Plus size clothes that have too much decoration on them. I don’t want to look like a garden.


women clothingZeiserl

Quite literally: scratchy tags. I also don’t know why certain kinds of itchy wool clothing are still made.



Each black piece is a different shade of black.


women clothingRosyClearwater

Pants need to come in more inseams than short, regular and tall. Men can get all sorts on inseams, why can’t women?

Also, shirts need to come in tall and short sizes too. I’m sick of the sleeves and torsos being too short.



The crop top trend. I’m tired of looking for a shirt that actually covers my belly. I like cute shirts, but i don’t like how revealing they are.