Winners of the 2020 BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition

16. Winged Life, Finalist: ‘The Bee Eaters And The Agave Flower’ By Salvador Colvée Nebot

17. Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Autumn Hide’ By Emanuele Biggi

18. Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘A Friendly Ride’ By Paula Vianna

19. Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora, Finalist: ‘Bajiaozhai Park’ By Xiaoying Shi

20. Aquatic Life, Finalist: ‘Jellyfish’ By Galice Hoarau

21. Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Camouflage Between Ferns’ By Ruben Perez Novo

22. Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘The Queens Of Verticality’ By Juan Jesús González Ahumada

23. Human/Nature, Finalist: ‘The Man Of The Jungle 3’ By Thomas Vijayan

24. Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Hippopotamus Group From Above’ By Talib Almarri

25. Winged Life, Finalist: ‘Blue Room By’ David Merron

26. Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora, Finalist: ‘Lilies In The Sun’ By Henley Spiers

27. Art Of Nature, Finalist: ‘Lake Of Colors’ By Jes Stockhausen

28. Terrestrial Wildlife, Finalist: ‘Bear-Spoilt Eggs’ By Jon Langeland

29. Photo Story: Coexistence: ‘Guardian Warriors’ By Ami Vitale

30. Art Of Nature, Finalist: ‘Fuji Mountain’ By Mohammad Alqattan