Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

If you got a text from a loved one saying they had brought a sweet little dog into the home only to find out that it was a coyote, would you panic? Yes, of course. Well, that’s the prank that this wife played on her husband, stating that she had seen a lonely dog waiting out in the back and had brought it inside and given it love with her little son right there next to it. It is something that we would all think is terrifying and stupid at the same time. The husband in this situation totally fell for it and started freaking out, as you can see in the photos until finally the mother came clean and told him that she had made it all up. It’s terrifying and slightly hilarious to see that this kind of thing can happen for real. Just makes you wonder what else she had up her sleeve!

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