Dog Curls Herself Up In A Corner And Stares At A Blank Wall After Being Dumped At Shelter

Have you ever played hide and seek with toddlers? They tend to close their eyes not to be seen instead of actually hiding. Animals are not so different. This pup was also lying down facing against a wall, hoping that she will not be seen.

A pup named June Cash was left to North Carolina animal shelter. There was something different about her. She was so afraid of others that she would hide in the corner of her kennel, facing against the wall.

After around 18 hours, a visitor, Tammy Graves, founder of pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation, noticed June Cash’s odd behavior. On further questioning, Graves learned that the pup hadn’t eaten or moved since she had come in.

Seeing her condition, Graves volunteered to help June Cash and lured her out with some food, then took her to a vet. It was understood that she had a severe heartworm infection and even worse, she was abused by her previous owner.

Fortunately, June began to heal both bodily and spiritually at her foster home. She is enjoying long walks and she started to get comfortable around her foster father. All she needed was someone whom she could trust with a bit of patience and love.

Now she is up for adoption for the families that will meet the strict criteria of Graves. Hopefully, she will be happy in her new home.