What Is An Adult Problem You Were Not Prepared For?



Trying to make friends


adult problemQuarantineTitans

The increasing speed of passing years.

Having nieces only makes the problem worse. Their age and the perceived number of years past doesn’t align at all for me


Not being able to sleep due to stress. Yet here I lay, exhausted but wide awake.

When I was younger I could sleep anytime, anywhere.




My job is destroying my mental health but I need a job so I can pay my bills.

If I reduce my hours for better work/life balance, I lose my insurance during a global pandemic.


It’s entirely possible to lose your job through no fault of your own



adult problemLG0110

In my mind, my Momma should be about 40. She has always seemed to be so strong but sometimes I want to fall apart when I see her take several attempts to stand up or make excuses about driving on the interstate. She will be 70 soon but to me, she is still young. I don’t know what I’ll ever do without her.


Just how hard it is to lose weight once you’re past your 20’s.





Arthritis is f**king horrible and early onset autoimmune arthritis is worse than just having an ache in one or two joints. I hurt all the time, everywhere, and everyone just assumes you’re faking it or you’re a pill popper. I am not going to live another 20 years with this pain like my dad did


adult problemLizLemonSpaceman

Preparing for retirement. Of course everyone knows they will stop working at some point but now that I’m 40, it feels like I really need to get it together. Am I going to continue bad habits that negatively impact my health or will I finally make changes to be healthier later?

My new favorite worry – will I really have enough money to retire AND live comfortably enough to have a good of quality life? 10 years ago this all seemed so far away. Now, it feels like I’m speeding to the next phase of my life.



Adults never actually growing up.