What Doesn’t Need The Hate It Gets?

It’s easy to find anything to hate, even if you don’t try hard. A Reddit user asked ‘What doesn’t need the hate it gets?’ and here are 35 of the responses.



The rain. Rain is f**king awesome. It feeds all the plantlife, makes puddles, and my personal favourite, at night time the rain reflects light and makes even traffic lights look f**king amazing. Jesus I love rain.



Atheists. Most of us are nice, sensible good people just like you, we just happen to have different views on religion. Just like any religion, of course there are extremists that give the group a bad name, and the rest of us look down on them and don’t support how they act.



Not wanting kids.



Pineapple on pizza. It’s delicious, and if you hate it don’t s**t on people who like it.




Even those who read scoff at what others read and it’s not necessary.

Reading overall is good for the brain and memory. Comic books, magazines about cars or fishing, romance novels, old classics, it’s all reading.

There’s no need to feel shame or shame someone for what they read.



Enjoying cartoons as an adult.

Good content is good content and looking back at the cartoons I loved now and then. I do have superior tastes.



Therapy. It’s never a bad thing but I definitely still know people who are firmly against or see it as a sign of weakness.



People who want to live a basic, “normal” or “boring” life. From all generations, I am constantly hearing locals/normies being made fun of for not wanting a ~fancier~ lifestyle but like… Why does that matter? Besides, just having a roof overhead is luxurious to to some people. Let others live the lives they want to.



Rats. They’re some of the funniest, most affectionate and intelligent small pets, with a ton of personality, who actually enjoy engaging with people.

They get a terrible reputation for carrying disease or being aggressive- which is just not true for domestic rats. Growing up I had almost every common pet rodent you can think of, and hands down I’d pick a rat over a hamster any day.



Cats. Many people I know absolutely despise them because they think they cant love you the way some dogs can, or they remind you of the stereotype “crazy cat person” or the whole “they’re all aggressive/bitey/scratchy” thing. Once I had both dogs and cats (and reptiles!) in my house – and though I love both, cats tended to speak a little louder to me. I’m part of a TNR company and ended up raising one of the cats I caught while searching for my missing cat last month and realized how sweet they can be if you take the time to earn their trust and give them space when it’s asked for.