30 Weird Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood Really Interesting

11. When You Receive A Complaint From Your Neighbors, It’s Important That You Do Your Best To Resolve It


12. Was Having A Super Bad Day. Then I Looked In My Neighbors Yard

weird neighborskatyourmom

13. My Neighbours Walk Their Parrots

weird neighborshamdangled

14. My Sister Sent Me This Pic Of A Trash Panda Hanging Out In Her Neighbor’s Gutter

weird neighborsc-root

15. My Asshole Neighbor Freezes One Snowball To Throw At Me In Mid July. I Say This Summer, It’s Game On

weird neighborsRendeRiot

16. My Neighbors’ Mailbox Is A Microwave


17. So My Friend Found This In Her New Neighbor’s Front Yard

weird neighborswoundedstork

18. Last Week I Put A Piece Of Tape On My Bin Lid To Fix A Crack. My 92-Year-Old Neighbor Obviously Thought We Were Labelling Our Bins With Our Unit Numbers

weird neighbors


19. Friend Saw This On A Dorm Door. Which One Of You Did This?

weird neighborsK011in

20. My Neighbors Said They Would Be Filming A “Movie”. Not Really What I Had In Mind