30 People Who Takes Weird Hobbies

Some people take up such unusual and interesting hobbies. Here is a compiled list of some of the weird hobbies!

1. I’m 17 Years Old And Just Finished Building This 14.7″ F/2.89 Newtonian Reflector Telescope. Despite Its Stubby Size It Collects Roughly 2500 Times More Light Than The Human Eye And Is Bigger Than The Scope At My Local Observatory


2. I Tried Painting On Strollers. I Held My First Experiment On My Friend’s Stroller. Everyone Was Happy With The Result

3. I’m Painting A Collection Of Memes. Here’s The Progress So Far

4. My Dad Is 52 Y/O And His Hobby Is Making These Weird Heads? He Doesn’t Think They’re Any Good But Considering He Makes Them From Scratch I Think They’re Amazing!

5. My Grandpa Recently Passed, So My Aunts Got My Grandma Some Art Supplies In Hopes That A Hobby Would Help Ease The Loneliness. I Never Knew My Grandma Was So Artistic. Even At 85, She Doesn’t Cease To Amaze Me


6. This Is German Retiree Paul Sperber, Aged 78. He Has Been Building A Model City Out Of Paper For Almost 65 Years


7. I Breed Butterflies. I Ordered 15 Caterpillars On The Internet. I Was Feeding Them And Cleaning Their Little Aviary. Today I Got The First Result: One Of The Butterflies Hatched!

8. New Favorite Hobby: Photoshopping My Cat Into Movie Posters And Setting Them As My Fiance’s Phone Background


9. It Took Me A Bit More Than A Year, 2 Weeks Of Which I Was Assembling The Base And Putting The Sails On During The Last Month. 900 Details And Hundreds Of Threads And Knots!

10. I Like To Build Metal Miniatures