People Are Sharing Weird Architecture Designs From Around The World

1. Fish Building, India

This humorous fish-shaped building is a regional office for the National Fisheries Development Board located near Hyderabad, India.

2. This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

3. Romanita Collective Housing Tower, Chisinau, Moldova

The Romanita tower used to be the tallest building in Chisinau. It consists of two basements with technical areas, ground floor and 22 stories. It was designed and built between 1978 and 1986

4. The Cactus Is *chef’s Kiss

5. That Gives Me Anxiety

weird designs

6. Opera And Ballet Theatre Of Cheboksary (Russia)

7. This Is Not Photoshopped

weird designs

8. A Friend Of Mine Cross-Posted This And It Made Me Think Of Y’all

9. I Might Like This If Those Were Slides

10. This Looks Like A Place A Villain Would Live

weird designs