Russians Throw Away Empty Vodka And Beer Bottles, Ocean Turns Them Into Colorful Glass “Pebbles”

If you know what sea glass is, and love it, than you’re in for a true treat that will make you smile, grab your passport, and head to Russia.  Ussuri Bay, the spot we’re looking at today, was historically used as a dumping ground for glass bottles that were mainly from bear and vodka over the times.  It was not a popular spot for many people because the water and the silt were littered with dangerous shards of glass.

Over time, however, all of the glass shards have minimized into gorgeous “glass pebble” – or, sea glass – and these pebbles now litter the beach in a gorgeous fashion that anything but a turn off.

Now, Ussuri Bay, is a popular tourist spot for anyone who loves nature and manmade inventions turned together, and it’s so popular that visiting the beach requires monetary payment.  It’s that popular, and it continues to be even now.

If you want to get your chance to see history at your feet, brought in by waves and tides, this is the spot to go and visit. (h/t)

Anna Pozharskaya


Anna Pozharskaya






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