The Future World Visions According To Arthur Radebaugh

In the 1950s and ‘60s, illustrator and futurist Arthur Radebaugh thrilled newspaper readers with his weekly syndicated visions of the future, in a Sunday strip enticingly called “Closer Than We Think”. The newspaper cartoonist dreamed up a madcap utopia, filled with flying cars and fantastical skyscrapers.

1. Rejuvenated Downtowns

future vision

“Closer Than We Think” ran for five years in newspapers across the United States and Canada, reaching about 19 million readers at its peak. Enjoy these future visions, like mailmen making their daily rounds via jet packs, schoolrooms with push-button desks, tireless robots working in warehouses.

2. Solar-Powered Cars

future world cartoon

3. Glass Domed Houses

4. Super-sized Crops

future world

5. Robot Warehouses

future robots

6. Push-Button Education

vision of future

7. Walking Machines

8. Flying Carpet Car

9. Jetpack Mailmen

mailman future

10. Highway to Russia

11. Space Mayflowers

12. Wristwatch TV

13. Pogo Cop Cars

14. One World Job Market

15. Driverless Cars

future car