Vintage Photos Of Children: Lovely, Quirky and Weird

Hippie Dad walking with his daughter in Amsterdam, 1968

vintage photos of children
Photo by Tony Riera

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1963

Photo by Herb Slodounik

Animals being used as part of medical therapy, 1956. A little girl receiving tests gazes into pool containing baby ducks — an early use of animals as part of medical therapy, 1956

Photo by Francis Miller

When people used the Postal Service to ‘Mail’ their children

Babies left to sleep outside, enforcing immune system, Moscow, 1958

Portrait of a child with a knife, circa 1880s

Child on a saddled pig, 1914

A child with bread and milk, Istanbul, Turkey, 1989

Photo by Erdal Yazıcı

Jo Bodeon, a back-roper in mule room. Chace Cotton Mill. Burlington, Vt, May 1909

Keith Richards ( Rolling Stones ) with His Mum Doris in 1945

“Wait For Me Daddy” A child in Canada running to his father, leaving his mom behind, while his father deployed during WW2, October 1, 1940

This 1955 photo is one of Walter Chandoha’s most famous shots. “My daughter Paula and the kitten both ‘smiled’ for the camera at the same time. …But the cat’s not smiling, he’s meowing.”