Why Are There Victorian Parents Hiding in These Creepy Baby Photos?


Today we take photos at the press of a button, back in the 1800’s it took Thirty seconds to take a photo. This meant you had to hold position for about a minute to get you picture taken. This was not practical for little children being restless and all, this meant that parents had to wear a shroud and pose behind the children in order to keep them in one position.

Victorian Parents

Double the Trouble

Are they twins? or just two children and a parent hard to tell….

Victorian Parents

Dress Lap

Am not sure that’s a dress on that lap….

Victorian Parents

Keep Still!

Apart from terrifying this child, his parent is in an equally perplexing posture.

Victorian Parents

High Chair Hiding

Is that a high chair or is that mummy. Someone sure knows their camouflage

Victorian Parents

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