26 Things People Didn’t Expect to Face During Their Travels

1. Best vacation ever…

2. “A friend of mine is currently traveling across the country. She found these postcards and wasn’t impressed.”

3. “Suddenly, on Google Maps, I started questioning my plans for this Arizona road trip.”

4. “This dude in first class…”

5. French people love London!

6. “During my recent trip to India”

7. “The most epic picture from my trip to New York City”

8. “This hotel writes inspirational quotes on their bananas and I’ve never felt so cared for by fruit in my life.”

9. “Just landed at the airport and not feeling very welcomed so far…”

10. “Wow, thanks for all the leg space.”

11. “Just my mom hanging out with some friends she made in London”

12. “My girlfriend and I are finally on vacation in Paris after years of talking about it. We even have a view of the Eiffel Tower.”

13. “I traveled all this way to see the masterpiece I’ve seen on the Internet.”