13 Unusual Restaurants Around the World

Dine In The Cave, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Puglia, Italy



Carn Brea Castle, Cornwall

The castle was originally built as a chapel, in 1379, thought to be dedicated to St Michael. Antiquarian William Worcester recorded that there were 32 castles on the Cornish peninsula, including Carn Brea which was described as a tower. The castle was extensively rebuilt in later periods, primarily in the 18th century by the Basset family as a hunting lodge. It is considered a folly, due to the huge uncut boulders that make up part of its foundations, giving the impression of the building melting into the land. It is now the location of a middle-eastern cuisine restaurant.

Carn Brea Castle

Carn Brea Castle

Perfect Location To View The Northern Lights – Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland


Dine Surrounded By Stunning Mountain Setting, Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant 3842m, Chamonix, France

worlds-most-amazing-restaurantsAiguille du Midi Restaurant

 Share Breakfast With A Giraffe, Giraffe Manor, Langata, Kenya


Dine Five Metres Below The Surface, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives


“A Place To Drink, A Place To Meet, A Place To Rest Your Hairy Feet.” The Green Dragon Pub In Hobbiton (New Zealand) Is A Perfect Place For A Real LOTR Fan


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant In Kenya Set In An Ancient Cave And Illuminated Entirely By Candlelight


Impressive Steampunk Design, Truth Coffee, Cape Town, South Africa

worlds-most-amazing-restaurantsShanna Jones

Dine Surrounded By Snow And Ice, The Snowcastle Of Kemi, Kemi, Finland

worlds-most-amazing-restaurantsKemin LumiLinna – The SnowCastle of Kemi

Dine With Breathtaking Views Of Indian Ocean, The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar

worlds-most-amazing-restaurantsCarlos Antunes

Dine In The Water In This Amazing Restaurant In Bora Bora


Dinner In The Middle Of A Waterfall, Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines