40 Of The Most Unordinary School Photos That Make You Laughed

We have many memories from our childhood, also photographs are the best way to remember our childhood. Especially school photos take us to our good old days. But school photos are not just ordinary every time. Some kids like to pose in unordinary ways. Here are 40 photos of school kids that surely made their parents cry-laugh.

1. My Friend’s Boyfriend Was Not Happy About His Kindergarten Picture. His Parents Still Have It Framed In Their House 20 Years Later

school photoswrud4d

2. Reagan Brought Home Her School Pictures Today. Should I Ground Her Or High-Five Her?

Sarah Hurley

3. Apparently I Didn’t Know How To Smile In First Grade

school photospudgyllamarider

4. I’m So Mad Right Now. I Checked My Son’s Book Bag And Find These


5. In Case You’ve Ever Wondered What Happens When Your Kid Wears Green On Picture Day


6. 10m, And Looking Like A Middle Age Mom Who’s Deciding To Grace You With A Smile, While Still Judging You Just A Little

school photosotusasio451

7. Mason Got His Kindergarten Pictures And I Didn’t Want His Name On The Bottom So I Typed In “I Don’t Want This” And They Freaking Printed This… So Now I Have Like 30 Pictures Of Him With This On The Bottom

Brittany Kinley

8. His Face Says It All

school photos


9. I Still Think That This Is My Favorite Photo Of All Time


10. My Brother’s Pre-K Picture. He Didn’t Know How To Smile