What’s The Most Benign But Absolutely Unhinged Thing You Started Doing During The Pandemic?


unhinged thingcrawdaddy_longl3gs

I abandoned all my previously held beliefs about religion, politics, gender identity, and sexual orientation…oh, and I started painting wine bottles!




unhinged thingcrissy_2382

Practicing my goat face. Would you like to see?



Whenever I’m alone for too long and watching TV by myself [and] I have a thought about what I’m watching I will pause the TV. Pause it, look to my left as if someone is sitting there, and I will argue with myself about my opinions on the show. There’s no one there. I only play the show when I’m done saying my thought.



I started taking shots of maple syrup whenever I get stressed.


unhinged thingvariableminerva

These are my sticks.



Before I moved, I would go for a sunset walk every night behind my house and write the names of the people I hate in the sand.


unhinged thinghandmade_bymargot

Cutting fabric into pieces and then sewing them back together.



Sweeping my floor while waiting for my morning coffee is a new ritual. Every single morning, like blindly in the dark.


unhinged thingmermaid_hales

I have this one blonde eyebrow hair that grows super long and I used to pluck it, but now I just let it grow out. It’s probably over an inch. It’s already fallen out naturally once so it’ll probably fall out soon, but I just love it.



I will make stupid lyrics to the songs and sing them out loud to no one. Like fully in public I will sing at my dog telling her to poop.


unhinged thinginsulint

I keep eating pieces of fruit and when I go to shoot, I grow up and now I have a mandarin tree. A lemon tree, a white guava tree. This one didn’t like being reported, but she’s bouncing back. I have more pink guava guavas growing some green guava. I have an olive tree and I have a tiny little navel tree, navel, orange tree that I’m trying to bonzai. I also have some yellow dragon fruit in the red dragon fruit. But this one’s from a friend. I live in a tiny graduate housing apartment. Why did I choose trees?



FaceTiming men on dating apps without warning.


unhinged thingwooohooohouse

I eat the end of the bread loaves at the end of the day.



I don’t eat the middles of Oreos. I save them.


unhinged thingashy_anne_

I got, like super into freakin composting. This is my stinky compost bucket full of stinky compost. Smells like sh*t. I have absolutely no purpose for it. I am just collecting stinky sh*t juice. Also, that system is called Bokashi Bucket. If you go to Banning’s and ask for Cocchi, it’s not going to go down well.