40 Times People Shared The Most Troublesome Online Customers

People have been shopping online for a long time and online shopping rates are increasind day by day. Online customers have a different kind of relationship with sellermen. Sometimes, the communication between seller and online costumers might be terrible. A subreddit collects screenshots, pictures, or stories of online customers who are being way too picky when begging for things and here are 40 of the funniest ones.

1. Damn And I Thought You Guys Are Just Super Unlucky, But Then Met This…this Animal. I Was Shocked How Entitled Some People Feel


2. Baby’s First Cb

3. I Tried To Give Away Two Harnesses That No Longer Fit My Dog. Did Not Go Well

4. The Second Interaction I’ve Had With A Choosing Beggar On Craigslist. This Time For A Lawn-Mower I Was Selling


5. Please Leave Me Alone – We Are Sleeping


6. Cb Tries To Buy A Fairly New Steinway Piano From My Mom For Just $5000

7. Not Mine But Holy Stupidity


8. Not Your Usual Choosingbeggar

9. I Was Giving Away A Free Dishwasher On Craigslist And Caught One In The Wild!

10. Kid (I Assume) Tries To Trade My Old PC For Nudes Of His Sister