The Trend That Is Set To Rule In 2017 With Respect To Hairstyles Is The Holographic Hair Trend

2017 is probably the year for holographic trends. Initially, there were holographic nails and later holographic colors where popular in items like accessories, clothes etc. However, the latest entrant is hair! Stylists who belong to the Ross Michaels Hair Salon have started with the new trend and are gaining popularity by offering different shades for hair such as pastel lavender, baby pink, bright blue etc. Ever since then, Instagram has been flooded with the holographic hair styles that they have created over the years and it can also set some of the most exquisite species on this planet jealous!

You might have previously come across opal hair or other color schemes. However, the holographic hair is a new styling and this summer; this hairstyle will be the most popular and dominate 2017.  Scroll down to have a look at the different types of holographic hair colors and styles that are gaining popularity and tell us about the one that you like the most! Also, feel free to share it with your friends or share your pictures if you have got holographic hair!