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30 Hilarious Travel Pics That End Up As Fails

Our vacation plans have fallen through because of the coronavirus pandemic, so some of us are a bit sad. However, there is something that might just cheer you up!

Here is a list of the most unsuccessful travel pics that show that even the best-planned vacations can end up as fails.

1. My First Time Visiting The Grand Canyon And This Happened

vacation fails

2. My Moms First Time Visiting Paris


3. Woke Up At 2.30 am To Make A 2 Hour Drive-Up 10000 Feet To See The Sunrise Atop Haleakala. Have You Ever Seen Such Beauty?

vacation fails

4. 120 Mile Solo Hike. Asked An Elderly Passerby To Take A Photo For Me

vacation fails

5. A Friend Of Mine Traveled To Italy And Managed To Take A Picture Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa That Doesn’t Show It Leaning

vacation fails

6. This Photo My Dad Took Of Me At Machu Picchu

vacation fail photos

7. Wife And I Visited The Eiffel Tower For Our Honeymoon

vacation fail photos

8. Went To See The Taj Mahal This Morning

vacation fail photos

9. Hard-To-Obtain Permits For A 10 Mile Hike To See Havasupai Falls

vacation fail photos

10. The Day I Visited The Great Wall Of China

vacation fail photos

11. Go To The Golden Gate Bridge They Said. Get There Early They Said


12. To The Guys Who Finally Got To See The Golden Gate Bridge & The Grand Canyon: This Is My View Of Mount Fuji, Japan


13. My Friend Is On Vacation In Hawaii, And She Asked This Man To Take A Picture Of Her. He Told Her, “I Got A Close Up.” Bless This Man


14. I Was In New York For The First Time In My Life


15. Rented A Car And Took A 2-Hour Drive Outside Of Berlin To See Die Rakotzbrücke