40 Tragic Hair Cuts That Will Make You Surprised

31. I Hate Seeing Kids Getting Forced Into Having Their Hair Cut. He Clearly Doesnt Like This


32. Gimme That Straw Basket Look

tragic hair stylesdre10g

33. When You Ask For A Line But The Barber Gives You An Entire Highway


34. Straight Hair + Bike Helmet = Asian Cornrows

tragic hair stylesmrdinero

35. Give Me The “My 5 Year Old Just Learned How To Cut Bangs”


36. This Is A Sponsored Ad, Wow What A Fringe

tragic hair stylesNightmancometh000

37. The Helmet


38. Back To 1979 And 1980

tragic hair styles


39. Guess I Have To Screw My Own Hair Up In These Quarantined Times


40. A New Species Of Neck Beard

tragic hair stylesMrFlippynip