Top 10 Myths About The Middle Ages

Poisonous Tomatoes

A common misnomer is that tomatoes were thought to be poisonous. It turns out tomatoes were not grown in Europe at that time and were later introduced to Europeans from South America. They had no idea what a tomato even was!


No Travel

There are plenty of records to show that people of the Middle Ages often traveled to faraway distant lands. All middle agers did not remain in their own village for their entire lives. Even those without a lot of money such as peasants could afford to travel and often did. They all did not all enjoy staycations!


No Women’s Rights

There is no truth to the belief that women of the Middle Ages did not hold any rights and were property of their husbands. They could do anything from running a business to buying or inheriting property and had many other legal rights.


No Personal Hygiene

Many people today and throughout the years have falsely believed that people of the Middle Ages did not bathe regularly if ever. People during that time took baths just like us and had plenty of grooming devices including the comb.


Medieval Church

The idea that every single person of the Middle Ages was a religious fanatic that closely followed all of the churches guidelines is a fallacy. While plenty were very religious and devout, it was not practiced by everyone.