People Share Interesting Things In ‘Today I Learned’ Online Group



TIL dying coral reefs lack the sound attract new fish. Speakers playing healthy reef noises at dying coral reefs increases species diversity and doubles fish abundance.



TIL the X’s often seen on moonshine bottles in old cartoons, etc. represent the amount of runnings, or how many times it was distilled.


today i learnedonecrazy88fan

TIL – Raccoons and skunks will literally sniff out a yellow jacket nest at night and dig it up to eat the yellow jackets.



TIL that female dogs can get pregnant by multiple male dogs within the same heat cycle, then give birth to X amount of puppies per father.



TIL comedy legend Mel Brooks was an uncredited producer of The Elephant Man, released in 1980. He was left off the credits for fear that fans would believe the movie was a comedy.


today i learnedrainbowarriorhere

TIL of Research during 1950s all-male combat aircraft assignments revealed that a woman’s voice was more likely to gain the attention of young men in distracting situations. Joan Elms voice was used for the automated voice warnings for Convair B-58 and was named “Sexy Sally” by the pilots.



TIL that the reticular activating system is the part of the brain that sorts through all the billions of pieces of information our senses take in and then allows through the important stuff. It is why after you a buy a red sedan, you now see red sedans everywhere when you didn’t notice them before.


today i learnedRob-With-One-B

TIL of Vasili Mitrokhin, a KGB archivist who kept a vast collection of handwritten notes on top secret files. When he defected to British Intelligence in 1992, he brought six trunks of notes with him that exposed most KGB activities in the West during the Cold War



TIL that the “Monopoly Man”, the guy in jail and the policeman on the Monopoly Board all have names: Milburn Pennybags, Jake the Jailbird and Officer Mallory


today i learnedstudyinthai333

TIL that the Red Bull energy drink was originally invented by a duck farmer from Thailand as a hangover cure (called Krathing Daeng in Thai) before being bought over by Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz who discovered it on a business trip in 1987.