Man Captures A Breathtaking Storm Timelapse Dumping Tonnes Of Water

Nature is always amazing and at the same time scary. Sometimes, nature shows us the magical face. But sometimes, we are witnessing harsh conditions of nature. Swiss mountaineer witnessed and recorded one of those amazing natural phenomena. Known as “wet microburst”, this event is extremely rare and really hard to capture. A wet microburst is a short but extremely heavy rain in a limited region. Rain bursts out and it has a short duration. For that reason, it is really hard to capture a good video of this event.

Swiss mountaineer Peter Maier is spending his life in nature. He is passionate about climbing mountains and enjoying the delicacies of nature. And nature never ceases to amaze him. This 27-year-young mand from Switzerland experienced wet microburst around an Alpine Lake. Lakes of Switzerland offers amazing views. When combined with a rare wet microburst, the view is breath-taking. More info: Peter Maier

Young mountaineer Peter Maier witnessed the power of nature and one of the rarest events called a wet microburst.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon

He filmed this nature event from the hotel terrace in Lake Millsatt.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon

Peter Maier called this event tsunami from heaven.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon

Web microburst is a rain event where rain falls to the ground like the sky is bursting.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon

This event effect only a certain region and lasts for a very short time. Therefore, it is really hard to record the full burst.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon

But this time, Maier was lucky and could manage to capture a good video of the event.

Heaven opens its gates.. 😱Der Himmel öffnet seine Tore 🌧🌬💨🌪🌦.Tsunami from heaven… 🌊✨.#letnaturebeyourteacher #weather #rainstorm #downburst #thunderstorm #earthhour #nationalgeographic ..Standort: Alpengasthof Bergfried/carinthia🇦🇹10.06.2018.More?⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️©️Peter Maier / licensedfor publish requests:Austrian full clip with orig. speed:‘t forget to subscribe 😊🙋🏻‍♂️

Posted by Peter Maier on Sunday, June 10, 2018


Maier always strives for capturing amazing weather and nature events. To avoid missing any precious moments in nature, he is always carrying his camera equipment with him. This way, he is always prepared to capture unique moments.

And this has been one of the rarest ones he has ever captured.

Timelapse Of Incredible Storm Phenomenon