The Weirdest Private Messages That People Have Ever Received

The Internet gives everyone availability that maybe even some amount of not wanted. So, it is quite possible to receive weird private messages which are sometimes hilarious too. But at all, it is not the best way to communicate with people, it might cause some troubles as well. A Reddit page collects weird private messages that people have ever received and here are 30 of them.

1. At Least He Tried

private messagespomplamousse200

2. I Got Messaged By A Master Hacker

3. He’s Been Begging For Weeks To Do A “Sexy Roleplay” With Me. I Finally Said Yes. I Think He Regrets Everything Now


4. Oh So I Just Don’t Matter In May?!

private messagesiExorcism

5. Seems Like A Stable Guy


6. My Fav Comeback To A DP

private messagesB0DY4DAYZ

7. Saw This On Tumblr, Yes Sorry On Tumblr


8. My Charming Old Babysitter Feels Like I Owe Him

private messages


9. Ice Cold


10. My New Self Defense Mechanism

private messagesSaltFetish