The Top Health Care Systems in the World Today!

When we think about health care systems in the world countries that are European may come to mind or in the US but we rarely think about Cuba as making the top ten list. Oddly Cuba does make the top ten when it comes to health care systems.

Top Health Care Systems


Cuba does make the list at number 10 but not so much for their health care program as a whole but more for a country that is dedicated to preventive care so much so that there are home inspectors that check on people’s homes to insure a sanitary environment.

Top Health Care Systems


Italy makes the list at number 9. Most Italians do not concern themselves with health insurance because the government health care programs are sufficient. Italians rank 12th in longevity worldwide so someone is doing something right with their health care.

Top Health Care Systems


Japan is number 8. The Japanese enjoy one of the lowest health care cost rates in all of Asia. Their citizens on average have a life expectancy of 86 years. Their infant mortality rate is one of the lowest in the world.

Top Health Care Systems


France is number 7 because of their excellent universal health care system. Citizens pay for their health insurance based on their income which allows the government to have a nice bundle of money built up so that 70% of all health care costs are absorbed by the government. According to recent published studies French citizens had the lowest numbers of preventable deaths worldwide.

Top Health Care Systems


Germany is at number 6. German citizens MUST have health insurance. It is the law. 8% of their salaries are dedicated to a health fund. Children are covered under government programs. Doctors are not paid per test or per appointment they are paid via a quarterly budget that is assessed by the number of patients that they see.

Top Health Care Systems

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