This Dog Was Waiting At This Gate, And What Happened When She Approached Him Left Me In Tears

Rarely do we see an advertisement on TV that can really strike an emotional chord. One glimpse of the following Thai advert certainly achieves that goal as it tells the heart-warming (and breaking!) story how a young woman overcomes her fears and becomes inspired by them. Not to spoil to much the video, which you can see for yourself, but it involves a young Thai female; a loveable dog named Olieng and one heck of an emotional story. The advert in question is from a Thai bank, and it aims to really try and inspire others to face their fears and be better for it, much like the protagonist featured in the video.
It is strange to see such a well –thought story portrayed in a short commercial, as it carries quite the message and it will certainly leave you feeling emotional after viewing it. Take a look at the video and see for yourself…

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