30 Pics Showing The Problems Only Tall People Struggle With

Tall people have problems. And, there is a subreddit group that shares pics of problems only tall people struggle with.

1. They Wanted Me To Get In My Co-Worker’s Car For A Mr. Incredible Moment. I’m 6’7”

2. My Colleagues Sometimes Get Mistaken For My Children.

tall people

3. Took Away The Spotlight

tall people

4. When You’re 6’5″ And Date Someone Who Is 5’5″

5. My Dad Made This Raised Cutting Board For My 6’8 Boyfriend. No More Hunching Over The Counters!

tall people

6. Prom Pictures With GF And Her Dad

tall people

7. Me And My 6’4″ Date To Our Rowing Formal. I’d Say We’re Pretty Cute

8. Smashed My Head On The Guatemalan International Departures Sign, Came Crashing Down. Wasn’t Made For Tall People…

9. 6’3” Lived In A Traditional Japanese House In Japan For Two Months. There Was Lots Of Exposed Wooden Beams

10. Japan Wasn’t Made For Us (6’7”)