Surat Diamond Bourse: World’s Biggest Office Building

Located in Gujarat, India, Surat Diamond Bourse is the biggest office building in the world. With an area of 6.7 million square feet, it is even bigger than the Pentagon headquarters. The building is a diamond trade center in the heart of the DREAM city which is a financial district the Indian government is getting ready to unveil in 2030. Surat Diamond Bourse is one of the first steps in making this district actually important and relevant. Aside from being the biggest office in the world, the building is also the biggest diamond trading hub in the world as well.

Surat Diamond Bourse

The biggest office in the world took 8 years to finish and cost the country 400 million dollars. It consists of nine towers with a linking corridor between them and 4,500 offices.

Surat Diamond Bourse building

The office building is dubbed a “one-stop destination” and it aims to be the ultimate location in the diamond industry in India. As a result, it has the capacity to welcome 65,000 diamond industry workers such as cutters, polishers, and traders.

Surat Diamond Bourse design

Moreover, Surat Diamond Bourse includes a customs clearance house for import-export businesses. This is for foreign traders to easily do their jobs. There are also jewelry malls that sell jewelry to retail companies. In addition, there are banks and vaults inside the building complex as well to store and house valuable items.

Surat Diamond Bourse interior
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The reason why the building is in Surat goes back to centuries ago. This city was always one of the most important trade links between India and European countries. Therefore, to transform it into the biggest diamond trade center in the world is an homage to its former importance for the Indian economy.

Surat Diamond Bourse from above

However, despite its record-breaking size, the diamond trade center has a formidable opponent in Bharat Diamond Bourse. For example, Kiran Gems, which the world recognizes as the biggest rough diamond manufacturer, has recently left the Surat Diamond Bourse and went back to Mumbai. A fierce competition surely awaits both offices to become better than the other.

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