40 Photos That Demonstrate How Hard Summer Heatwaves

Sometimes weather might have strange occurrences, here are 40 photos that show how hard summer heatwaves can be.

1. It’s Kinda Hot In Turkey, So The Shop Owner Let The Kittens Sleep On The Freezer

summer heatwaves

2. Saw This While Walking Through A Small Town In VA – It’s Nice To Know That Someone Is Looking Out For All The Pups In This Summer Heat


3. Guy In Hot Arizona Heat Did Not Want His Dog’s Paws To Burn So He Pulls Him In A Cooler

summer heatwavesSuspicious-Guidance9

4. It’s Hot In Thailand


5. How We Beat The Heat In Australia. Ice Cold Can On A Warm Belly

summer heatwavessamanthahalpin

6. It Was A Really Hot Day So This Little Guy Decided To Lick The Condensation Off My Drink


7. Giving Water To A Dehydrated Bunny In 100-Degree Heat

summer heatwavesDigitalOSH

8. A Security Man In Egypt Decided To Cover The Dog’s Paws To Protect Him From The Hot Pavement


9. Nature In The Shadow Of Technology

summer heatwavesDrBonerman

10. Due To The Extreme Heat (40C) My Local Convenience Store Let A Stray Dog Inside To Cool Off