He Shut Himself In A Car, Like People Do To Their Pets. What Happened Is Shocking.

Most pet owners realise how easy it can be just to leave your pet in the car whilst you go about your business. Many places, such as the supermarket, don’t permit dogs, so it’s understandable how it can seem like a good idea to leave your pet in the car.

Vets have always spoken out against how dangerous this can be, especially in warmer climates and summer time. Dr Enrie Ward decided to showcase just how dangerous it is, by getting into the car and performing the experiment on himself.

It’s incredibly eye opening and a must watch for any pet owners who are unaware of just how dangerous it can be for your pet to be stuck inside a parked car for a long period of time. It goes to show that taking the time to do something less convenient can make all of the difference to your pets well-being which is the most important thing!