What Happens When People Realize How Their Loved Ones Rate Them

Often people can chase success to their detriment. It makes us feel that we have not achieved our goals and dreams by chasing what we determine as ‘success’, when in fact success can be perceived completely differently. The following videos show as much, as we can see by the reactions of the people when hearing what their close friends and family really think of their success – it’s a lot higher than most expect! As displayed by the social experiment, we more often than not are far too critical of our own success, with others rating it much higher. The idea comes from Strayer Universty and Aplus who are fronting a campaign to see the word success redefined by the Merriam Webster English Dictionary.

Currently it can be defined as “the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame,” rather than the level of happiness a person has. Strayer University as noted that in one of their studies, 90% of Americans actually believe success should be measured by happiness. The petition can still be signed, so be sure to check it out should you agree! We can’t help but think friends and family should be reminded each other just how successful we really are – just see the reactions in these videos to see why we all need to hear it more! More info: strayer.edu | Aplus