Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Move Out, And!!!

Australian family says no to millions to retain dream home, gets sandwiched by high-density housing

An original 5-acre market garden block in Western Sydney is owned by a family who refuses to sell to developers, even though they have been offered up to $50 million. The family is not interested in selling their land.

A Victorian-era terrace house completely engulfed by modern high rises, Melbourne, Australia

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Vera Coking First Refused To Sell Her House To Bob Guccione, Who Wanted To Build His Casino Around It. Later She Refused To Sell To Donald Trump

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Randal Acker Wouldn’t Budge From His Little House, So Portland State University Built Student Halls Of Residence Around It,

In Guangzhou, The Authorities Have Had To Build A Ring Road Around This Block Of Flats Because Three Families Would Not Budge


Initially, The Owner Of This Home Was Adamant To Stay There Even After Being Offered $3 Million. It Wasn’t Long Before He Changed His Mind And Sold The Property For $4 Million