Street Photographs Taken at the Perfect Time

The perfect photograph is often very elusive. Sometimes you can take hundreds of snaps and be happy with any of them, while many manage to get that perfect image through pure chance and a little luck- a photographer could just happen to be in the right at the right place!


Sometimes timing can be everything in the photograph! It’s because a perfect moment is hard to predict as you never know when something amazing needs to be captured on camera.

Many seem to have a natural sense for good time, as evidenced by this collection of incredible photographs. They are so wholly unique due to the fact they were captured in the right moment with perfect timing – there is no way they can ever be replicated!

Take a look for yourself and see.

Is there a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?


A walking stick combines with road markings to form an arrow


Two strangers whose shadows look like they are embracing each other


A security guard with an impressive wingspan


Dogs will be dogs


Is she closing her eyes because she enjoys the smell?


Santa has been working on those legs


A bird that doesn’t play by the rules


A cat taking its rightful place next to the two other golden lion statues.


Is that a cow or a dog?


A girl looks like she is holding balloons sketched onto a wall