This Stray Dog Keeps Bringing Gifts To A Woman That Fed Him

Tua Plu is a stray dog in Thailand and has manners that can put humans to shame! He makes sure that he brings gifts daily for the woman who feeds him. Orawan Kaewla-iat, the lady who feeds homeless dogs, said that the dog always gets something whenever he is hungry and feels like having anything. She mentioned this in a post she made on Facebook. Every day the stray dog is hungry, he gets one thing or the other: be it a leaf or a piece of paper. Due to this, she always makes it a point to feed Tua Plu and his mom before she feeds any other dogs.

The best part is that, the dog also knows that his behavior helps him get food. Orawan shared a video of how the dog gets gifts for her when he wants to eat something and this video took the internet by storm!

Within minutes of posting the video, she was asked questions from people all over the world if they could adopt him! We intend that Tua Plu and his mom will find a family soon and love the dogs forever.

More info: Facebook (h/t: coconutsbangkok)

Check these photos of the woman who feeds stray dogs in Thailand.

Also, you will be able to notice that Tua Plu is getting a gift for the lady as he wants to eat something.

Every day, he comes with one or the other thing as a gift, for food.

The internet is badly wanting to adopt this dog.

You can check out the video as well!