Dog Become So Much Addicted To Money To The Extent That She Used It To Pay For Her Treats

A five-year-old dog named Holly has been with her family since when she was a puppy. She is very unique in many ways, but with an uncommon obsession: money. Holly is so much in love with money.

Casi Cook who is a mother to Holly told The Dodo that “It started when she was a puppy.” Just like any other puppy, she is a thief and is used to stealing things from our bags, including money, and instead of us to chase her around the house, we would rather bribe her with treats. So whenever she has money in her mouth, so that she won’t eat it we would say, ‘Holly, take this treat and give me the money,’ so she gets used to this, whenever she has money, she will get treats.

Due to the event that occur when she was a puppy, Holly has developed a great love for money. She sometimes steals it and it is given to her by her family sometimes because she would always want more. Her mother works at a restaurant and whenever she is counting her tips, Holly would observe from distance and run towards her immediately. Holly now has $87 and she kept increasing it every day.

Holly has her personal bank where her money is kept, but she likewise keeps it in the living room, in her mom’s bed, on the stairs, in the kitchen, in the hallway and almost everywhere in the house.

Holly also like playing with toys ……

……but whenever she is holding a toy, she always has some money with her.

Holly takes good care of her money, because she has learned that it would have no value if it rips, and she won’t be able to use it to buy cookies. Cook said that “She use them to buy treats only.” “Or, if we are sited to have dinner, she would quietly work over and place a treat on our laps to show that she wants a treat.”

Although Holly protect her money and loves it more than any other thing, she wouldn’t get mad if someone takes it from her. She would gladly share it………because she would eventually get it back.

Cook said that “If you take her money she will only follow you, nudge you, jump on you and kiss you until the money is being returned.”

(h/t: dodo)

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