Stray Cat Walks Into Live News Broadcast, Presenter’s Reaction Is Perfect

There are not many professionals in the trade who could keep their composure when a cat walks onto their live shooting of a news broadcast, but this one did.  Talking about his scripted content, he easily switches to involve the kitty in his speech, keeping his composure intact and going into a tiny, quiet segue about how it is all of our responsibilities to make sure that stray cats are taken care of and provided for by families.

He even pets the cat at the end of the broadcast, the kitten having jumped onto the chair and went to lie down on top of the laptop that he had been originally using to design his broadcast.  It is really refreshing to see someone who is good at their job do so well and also make sure that the cat was treated properly.

Needless to say, this cat was very quickly adopted and everyone is happy to find that all things worked out in the end for the cat who made a camio appearance on live TV and showed off all of his best sides.

A live broadcast in Turkey was interrupted by a feral cat that  seemingly came out of nowhere…


The way the TV presenter handled it took the definition of ‘professional’ to the next level


He took it as a chance to encourage everyone to take care of stray cats!


After this show the kittie got adopted:

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