What the Seller Did When The Old Man Wanted a Shovel to Bury His Dog Was Adorable

Maybe not every day but some days come with surprises. It might be something fun or touching. The day of this young man named Sam-Coleman-Dancer was just one of them.

It was a regular day for this college freshmen; he was working in an Ace Hardware in Cleveland, Mississippi during his summer break. That day, an old man came to the shop to buy a shovel. He got curious.


“I asked him what he would be doing with it, because it was a very hot day and he’s an older gentleman,” Coleman-Dancer told. “Then he started telling me about his dog.”

The costumer, Milton Lowe had just recently lost his 12-year-old loyal friend, Bo, a German shepherd. He was sad but also wanted to do his last duty: burying his dog.

“He told me about the times they spent together, walking and playing fetch. He said his dog had always been there for him. They were very connected,” Coleman-Dancer said. “He was very emotional, and it touched me. I told him I would like to come to his house after work and help him bury his dog. His eyes opened wide. It was amazing. He said, ‘I can’t let you do that. Are you sure?’ I said, ‘I’m positive. As soon as I’m off work, I’ll head right over.’”


Coleman Dancer added “I thought, ‘What if this was my grandfather needing help?’ Me being able to help, it just felt like the right thing to do,”.

He did what he said and headed to help Lowe. Even though Coleman-Dancer had never met Bo, they experienced a relationship through Lowe. He also had a connection with this old man.

“We became friends, we connected through Bo.”

In return for his favor, Lowe wanted to pay for the help. However what Coleman-Dancer wanted was a picture of them.

“I told him all I wanted is that photo with him. It’s something I’ll cherish forever.” He said.