‘One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure’ People Share What They Found Thrown Away

11. Excuse Me While I Die Over How Amazing This Looks In @mkatbow‘S Place. Tgif Stoopers…get Out There!

12. Once You Scoop This, You Really Should Only Answer To “Your Highness”…it Feels Warranted. Corner Of Hancock And Evergreen In Bushwick!

Stooping NYC

13. I Know It Looks Like It Needs A Little Uptake But So Worth It. Hasley Street Between Nostrand And Bedford.

14. We Love This And We’re Going To Lift Weights All Day To Be Able To Bring It Home. Not Really. Go Get It.

Stooping NYC

15. We Don’t Her Name But This Wonderful Woman Has Officially Rescued The Turtle For The Most Important Stooping Success We’ve Ever Posted.

16. This Definitely Came From The House Of Beetlejuice. Available In Bushwick On Jefferson Street! Between Central And Evergreen

Stooping NYC

17. Announcement: Please Sit Down And A) Acknowledge How Amazing This Stooping Success Is, B) Appreciate The Stoop Journey That Got It Home And C) Realize Everyone Needs To Find Themselves Friends As Passionate As This About The Stoop Life.

18. Umm Holy S**t. Someone Confirm This Is For The Taking Before Taking! 91st Between Columbus And Amsterdam.

19. We Are Beyond Jealous Of This Stooping Success From @soundslikepetra

20. Bring That @uhaul For This New Haul (Take That, Kanye)!! 170 S 4th St Williamsburg