Spectacular Rainbow Cloud Spotted In Jamaican Sky

rainbow cloudRainbow clouds appear thanks to a process called iridescence, whereby water droplets diffract sunlight. Beckie Bone Dunning via Facebook/The Weather Channel

The spectacular photo that you’re looking at is proof that the silver lining really does exist in every person’s life, even if they don’t want to acknowledge it.  On vacation in the beautiful Jamaica, amateur photographer, Bonnie Bone Dunning captured this gorgeous image as she was getting ready to head inside to avoid an impending storm.  Growing in popularity as soon as it came up to be showed off on The Weather Network’s website.  People clicked on the image all over the world, tossing questions at all of the officials about how this rare occurrence happened. The rare thing in all of this is that meteorologists actually answered the question, explaining about iridescence and how rainbows are the reactions of hot and cool air refracting and causing us to see rainbows with  various colours that aren’t really there in reality.  No matter how you look at it, it’s pretty cool!